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Beekeeping Calendar 

 The Bees

The bees are in a tight cluster now.

Queen may begin laying after winter solstice

The Beekeeper

Not much to do with the bees this month.

Read a good book on beekeeping, study the latest reports on their health.

Year-end assessment, successes and failures

Attend your bee club meetings.


No peeking. Opening the hive this month could injure your girls.

Check for excess moisture

Deadouts are high this month as first cold weather arrives. Colonies without large populations of healthy bees will not survive cold nights.


Feed 2 to 1 sugar water or candy boards

Natural pollen still available to bees in our area.

May need dry sugar or fondant added if low on stores.


Consider single dose of oxalic acid late in Dec. (while hive’s likely broodless) to clean up residual varroa.

Assess IPM efforts and plan for next year

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