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Wake County Beekeepers Association

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Beekeeping Basics

The WCBA provides resources related to beekeeping to its members and prospective beekeepers.

I want to be a beekeeper. Where do I start?
Keeping bees is a fascinating pastime, either as a hobby or for profit. There is a tremendous amount of resourses available to the new beekeeper. So, where do you begin?  (adapted from the Cabarrus County Beekeepers)

  • Local Association
    Join the Wake County Beekeepers Association
    Most counties in the US have some type of beekeeping association. Their meetings are a great place to find advice and to learn about the timing for various hive management tasks (when to add honey supers, when to harvest, etc…)
  • Bee School
    Attend Bee School
    Several of the local beekeeping associations offer a ‘Bee School’. This is a great launching point, from which to begin your journey to becoming a successful beekeeper.
  • Read
    Find a good book
    There are many books on beekeeping. There have been more books written about beekeeping than any other topic. These two books are good resource for the new beekeeper.
    • Beekeeping For Dummies by Kim Flottum
    • First Lessons in Beekeeping(used in the WCBA Bee School) by Keith Delaplane
  • Subscribe to a Periodical
    Magazines provide timely information
    There are currently two publications available in the US; both are very informative.

Presentation given at Wake County Libraries, Summer 2019
“So you want to be a beekeeper…”

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