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Wake County Beekeepers Association

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Mentor Program

Our program involves three types of beekeepers: mentors, bee buddies, and new beekeepers.

MENTORS usually have 3 or more seasons of beekeeping and are prepared to answer most questions of new beekeepers.  Experience as a great beekeeper is not as important as enthusiasm for helping new beekeepers succeed.

BEE BUDDIES are relatively new beekeepers that remember what it's like to be brand new beekeeper and have suggestions and tips from the lessons they learned in their first year.  

NEW BEEKEEPERS in our program are assigned to a mentor, and ideally paired with a bee buddy.  The bee buddy is someone nearby that has the challenges of getting started fresh in their minds and can help with many of the startup tasks.  Mentors are also available to ask questions and provide guidance.  Mentors are under no obligation or expectation to visit or inspect the colonies of bees in your bee yard.  But, many mentors will issue invitations throughout the season to visit their bee yards for experience.

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