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Beekeeping Calendar 

 The Bees

Not much activity going on in the hive now. The bees are settling down for the winter.

Drones being expelled.

If you use double deeps the cluster will move up, closer to honey stores/

The Beekeeper

There is not too much work for the beekeeper this month, but keep an eye on your hive. Watch out for robbing this month. Install inner cover wedges for ventilation.

Attend your bee club meetings.


Limit inspections

Hive beetle population should decrease and be less pressure on healthy colonies.

Check for excess moisture, condensation under inner cover


Goldenrod 8/1 10/15; Coreopsis; Asters, 9/20 10/30.

Last reliable month to add weight to colony. Hive should be very heavy with cured honey.

Feed 2 to 1 sugar water

Natural pollen sources still available.


Remove all pest treatment


This is a good month to combine weak hives or if they have failing queens. It’s better to take losses in the fall.

Continue use of reduced entrances for robbing prevention.

Add mouse guards

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