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Beekeeping Calendar 

 The Bees

Thousands of workers, tight winter cluster, little activity.

Cleansing flights on a warm day (45°-50°).

Some worker brood will begin to appear late in the month.

Few if any drones present.

The Beekeeper

Clear entrance during snow.

May start feeding, continue once you start until they are gathering their own food.

Catch up on your reading.

Attend your bee club meetings and bee school.

Get your equipment ready for spring.

Do not disturb the cluster in cold weather.

Check for excess moisture

Ironwood or Coma bloom.

Carefully check amount and location of honey stores, and feed

2 to1 syrup, candy board or fondant if <3/4 super of stored honey left.

Add pollen supplements if needed


Consider single dose of oxalic acid vapor or drizzle early in Jan. to clean up residual varroa in hives.

Review IPM plans for year.

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